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DUALphone 3088 Skype Cordless Phone REVIEW
Review ASUS AiGuru SV1T VideoPhone for Skype buy in Australia

DUALphone 3088 Skype Cordless Phone REVIEW

DUALphone 3088 Cordless Skype Phone (No PC Required) REVIEW

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The embedded DUALphone 3088 for Skype becomes a PBX-like system with multiple handsets

DUALphone 3088 Cordless Skype Phone REVIEW
DualPhone 3088 features DualPhone 3088 features

RTX is now adding three additional handsets to the DUALphone 3088, making it a PBX-like system with two lines, conference calls, intercom, and attended call transfer between handsets.

Hannover, Germany (CeBIT) – RTX, a world leader in wireless product development, today announced that its DUALphone 3088, a standalone cordless Internet phone with Skype, will become a PBX-like system for the SoHo and home markets with four-handset capability and simple PBX functions. The additional DUALphone 3088 handsets will be sold separately.

Now you can have the features and performance of a simple PBX system that you would normally only expect in expensive equipment. With two lines and four handsets, this is a simple PBX system for Skype and PSTN. Our DUALphone 3088 comes with a base station, which will be able to handle up to four wireless DUALphone 3088 handsets.

DUALphone 3088 Skype Phone

The DUALphone 3088 features embedded Skype software, allowing users to make free Skype-to-Skype calls or cheap SkypeOut calls to landlines and mobiles anywhere in the world without the need for a PC. Skype users can also purchase an optional SkypeIn number, which allows them to receive calls from regular telephones via Skype. The DUALphone 3088 needs a broadband Internet connection.

The DUALphone 3088 takes its name from the fact that it serves as a traditional phone as well as an advanced Internet phone. When placing a call, users can use either Skype or the traditional phone line by simply selecting the desired method via the phone’s intuitive menu.

The new PBX-like functionality will make it possible for the four handsets to have two outgoing or incoming calls simultaneously, one via Skype over the broadband connection and one via the original telephone line operator. It will be possible to have a three-way conference between Skype and landline calls, intercom between all handsets, and it will also be possible to transfer a call to another handset by attended call transfer.

“With the DUALphone 3088, RTX has pioneered the world’s first cordless DUALphone with built-in Skype that does not require a computer,” says Tage Rasmussen, CEO of RTX. “The new PBX-like functionality and the additional handsets make DUALphone 3088 even more appealing for the SoHo and home markets.

Dualphone 3088 Skype Telephone Review

“Skype is all about setting conversations free, and the new generation of dual-mode Internet phones fits this vision well,” says Manrique Brenes, director of Hardware Business Development at Skype. “The new DUALphone 3088 is an attractive option for multiple users who don’t need more than one Skype username and one regular telephone number and want to share these, be it in a small office or the family home. For these users, the PBX-like functionality and the ability to use up to four handsets is a great choice indeed.”

Additional DUALphone 3088 handset and PBX-like features: DUALphone 3088 Skype Phone
• PC-free cordless Skype/landline hybrid phone
• Multiple handset capacity (up to four)
• Two lines capability (Skype via broadband and ordinary telephony via PSTN)
• Intercom between handsets
• Attended call transfer
• Three-way conference between Skype and landline calls
• Support for Skype call waiting
• Software upgradeable
• Distinctive ringing tone indicating landline or Skype calls

Dualphone 3308
Headphone socket!

If you're into going walkabout whilst talking away, the cordless Dualphone is most definitely for you-hoo: with a range of up to 300 metres you can make cheap talk (literally) in the garden even if the base station is in the penthouse (surely you've got one). We think this ingenious bit of dual-purpose kit is one of the greatest telephonic innovations since they replaced those ugh-ugh-ing rotary dials with buttons. So get ordering while stocks last.

DUALphone 3088 Availability: Base station and additional handsets.

The additional handsets for the DUALphone 3088 will also be available from ORTUS
DUALphone 3088 base station "BUY NOW" Direct Link: RTX DUALphone 3088 Skype Cordless Phone

RTX DUALphone 3088 YouTube review

DualPhone 3088  
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